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Termoli (Italy)

In 2007 PROQUIGA BIOTECH went into a strategic alliance with MEDITERRANEA BIOTECHNOLOGIE, company dedicated to a wide range of dairy starter cultures and probiotics.

The strategic alliance between the companies, which works as a partnership, has two aspects:

  • Products: For PROQUIGA BIOTECH, it entails marketing the starter cultures of MEDITERRANEA at a global level, whilst for MEDITERRANEA it entails the possibility of expanding the range of products that it can offer its clients and current distributors.
  • Research and Development: This partnership focuses also on the joint development of new lines of research, as PROQUIGA BIOTECH and MEDITERRANEA centre their efforts in the flexibility of responding and in the technical support to its clients. It not only offers a complete range of products of high added value, but also offers specific solutions to each client, depending on the needs. Therefore, PROQUIGA BIOTECH and MEDITERRANEA jointly seek the development of new products and ongoing improvement of its current products.

MEDITERRANEA started its production activity in 2000, after more than 5 years of strong investment in R+D. Currently MEDITERRANEA centers its efforts in the R+D focused on a selection and characterization of strains that allow obtaining a wide range of starter cultures, customized to any type of application.

The MEDITERRANEA facilities are equipped with a complete line which includes fermentation, concentration, lyophilization and packaging, as well as its own lab where the quality control of all the production stages is carried out until the final product is obtained, centering the emphasis on food safety and the industry standards evolution.


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