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food additives and preservatives

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A group focussed on innovation and R+D to obtain natural and competitive products

The PROQUIGA GROUP is a biotechnology company basically for the food industry that started in the dairy industry and currently has diversified its activities to other areas, such as meat and wine.

From the very start, it has made a strong investment in R+D going for innovation and an ongoing improvement to offer products and natural solutions that improve the quality of food and offers a healthier lifestyle.

PROQUIGA GROUP has carried out research projects in collaboration with the CSIC (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Superior Centre of Scientific Research) and with the University of Santiago de Compostela, keeping abreast with new technologies.

A group in constant growth

The PROQUIGA GROUP has gone for growth, which has allowed it to expand its range of products since it was established.

  • Acquisition of CAGLIO STAR in 1993. Company dedicated to the production of natural rennet obtained from the stomachs of suckling calves, with a wide variety of concentrations, both liquid and powdered. In the CAGLIO STAR plant natural coatings are also made from natural biodegradable products and polyvinyl acetate emulsions with different viscosity for the exterior treatment of cheeses and cold meats.
  • Creation of a fermentation plant in La Coruña in 2000 to carry out biotechnological projects that help obtain antibiotics and animal enzymes not genetically modified (GMO free) through strains and self developed technology.

Priority in the technical service

The high degree of acknowledgement of the PROQUIGA GROUP is due to the quality of the service it offers. The good relation with the clients and the vast knowledge of its production processes allows answering the needs with innovative and quality solutions that help them improve their competitive position in the market.

The PROQUIGA GROUP counts with an excellent, highly qualified team formed by chemical engineers, pharmacists, biologists and chemists.

A group with international presence

PROQUIGA BIOTECH is a global company with a strong international presence thanks to its vast sales network in the five continents.

Going for quality

In its aim for quality, PROQUIGA BIOTECH has ISO quality certificates 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 and Kosher and Halal certifications. 

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