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Wednesday - 29.November.2023

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TGT-PROQ is a food-grade transglutaminase with the ability to improve the physical properties of various protein containing foods. Transglutaminase can catalyze the formation of covalent bonds (cross-links) between the amino acis residues Lysine and Glutamine in proteins.

TGT-PROQ can be used as a texturizing agent and a thickener. It is also a gelling agent, of a high stability and with a restructuring capacity in cold temperatures. TGT-PROQ improves the physical properties of food (i.e. water retention, firmness, elasticity and thermo stability). 

TGT-PROQ  has a wide scope of application in the following sectors:

  • Meat industry
  • Fish processing industry
  • Dairy industry
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