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Antibiotic Test

Antibiotic Test: PROQUI-TEST R
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PROQUI-TEST R is a Rapid Test based on an enzyme-linked receptor-binding assay for the detection of antibiotics in milk:  

Measures the levels of both ß-Lactams and Tetracyclines

Valid for cow, sheep and goat milk, both raw and commingled. 

It does not need incubator. It is applied in milk at room temperature or refrigerated.

Test results are available within 5 minutes

Each box of PROQUI-TEST R contains a total of 96 test strips (12 tubes with 8 tests strips each); 96 wells with reagent; a well tray for 96 wells and an instruction sheet.

A box of PROQUI-TEST R allows 96 tests of antibiotics.


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