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Test for the detection of Aflatoxin M1: AFLATOX-PROQ

Test for the detection of Aflatoxin M1: AFLATOX-PROQ
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 AFLATOX-PROQ is a Rapid Test based on the specific reaction of antibody-antigen and immunochromatograpy for the detection of Aflatoxin M1 in milk, unique in the market: 

·       Valid for cow, sheep and goat milk, both raw and commigled

·       It does not need incubator. t is applied in milk at room temperature or refrigerated

·       Test results are available in 5 minutes.

Detection limit: 50 ppt to 500 ppt, as follows:

·       50 ppt: limit stipulated by Codex (FAO / WHO) and the European Union 

·       500 ppt: limit stipulated by the FDA 

Each box of  AFLATOX-PROQ contains 96 test strips distributed in 12 tubes with 8 strips each, 96 microwells with reagent, a rack for 96 microwells and an instruction sheet.

A box of  AFLATOX-PROQ allows 96 determinations of aflatoxin M1.




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