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Lysozyme: LISOPROQ
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LISOPROQ is an enzyme, obtained from egg whites, that is used for the inhibition of sporulated bacteria (Clostridium tyrobutyricum, among other microorganisms).

LISOPROQ is not active against yeast, moulds and Gram negative bacteria (for instance E. coli) and it does not affect the development of starter cultures. 

LISOPROQ has a wide scope of application in the following sectors*:




* Consult legislation in each country


Application in cheeses:

In its application in cheeses, LISOPROQ is used to prevent the problem known as “late blowing”, which can occur in the maturing process of cheeses. This blowing is due to the action of a sporulated bacterium known as Clostridium tyrobutyricum, which can be present in milk as it cannot be eliminated in the process of pasteurization.

LISOPROQ does not affect the aroma, the texture or the maturing process of the cheese.

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Application in wines

In its application in wines, LISOPROQ stops the malolactic fermentation and helps reduce the dosage of sulphites.

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PROQUIGA disposes of liquid LISOPROQ and granular LISOPROQ.





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