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Natamycin/Pimaricin: NATAPROQ
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Natamycin also known as Pimaricin is a natural antifungal, obtained from the fermentation of a not genetically modified (GMO free) strain (Streptomyces natalensis). Its use is approved by the EU (food additive number E-235) and by the FDA.

NATAPROQ is a natural antifungal that is not active against bacteria and has a wide scope of application in the following sectors*: 

- Superficial treatment of cheeses

- Superficial treatment of sausages and cold meats

- Yogurt

- Bread and pastries

- Fruit juices and concentrates


- Wines and grape-juice


- Other food products, such as marmalades, gelatins, marinated food, soy sauces, etc

* Consult legislation in each country.

 NATAPROQ does not affect the aroma, taste or texture of the food.

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