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Quality and Food Safety Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy
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Quality and Food Safety Policy

 The General Guidelines that are established as following:

  • Produce and distribute safe products through the participation of all the employees.
  • Supply innocuous products and provide services to customers with the best quality / price ratio, committed to the requirements and requirements established with them, as well as current legislation, in relation to the products and services provided and in terms of product safety.
  • Establish a Documented Systematics to ensure the quality of the processes, products and services provided with open and clear communication of all the involved parties during the activities and between consecutive activities, including deviations and expectations. 
  •  Implementation in the organization of Continuous Improvement as a standard of conduct periodically reviewed and supported by measurable objectives.
  • Promote the food safety culture and the communication of our values and company policy at all levels, raising awareness, motivating, and sensitizing all the organization staff in food safety, food hygiene and in the knowledge of the dangers and their importance. 
  • Ensure that all staff receive training for the development of their activities and have an adequate supervision. 
  • Change planning for the food hygiene system, to remains intact in the execution of them.
  • The detection of defective products and services and the elimination of the causes that cause them.
  • The training of all employees of the organization, in order to improve the quality of the processes, products and services provided, as well as the safety of the products.
  • Permanent analysis of the information, own information and the information collected from customers, to prevent failures and improve the processes, products and services provided by PROQUIGA BIOTECH.

The Quality and Food Safety System has been prepared and must be maintained in such a way that it works on the prevention of defects and errors, rather than on its correction.

The effectiveness and application of the PROQUIGA BIOTECH system, is the direct responsibility of the management. In its name and representation, a Food Quality and Safety Manager has been appointed, who will supervise the implementation, development and maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety Management System, evaluating its suitability and correct application. It must verify the implementation of the Food Safety and Management System, identifying problems, verifying their effectiveness and coordinating the activities with influence on the quality and hygienic safety of the products.

Any person of the organization whose activity may directly or indirectly be affected by the requirements described in this Manual, is obliged to strictly comply with them.

The Management of PROQUIGA BIOTECH is committed to developing the guidelines that in matters of Quality and Food Safety are set in this Policy, as well as its periodic review to ensure its adaptation to the needs of the organization.
To ensure that all staff know, understand and apply this policy, it is disseminated through panel discussions. It is also available to the relevant stakeholders.



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