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Dear valued customer,

PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. ensure stable production and product safety during COVID-19 outbreak.
Regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 new coronavirus, PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. has set up a CONTINGENCY PLAN to handle and closely monitor the situation.
PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. is focused to keeping employees and products safe and securing the supply of packaging and raw materials to meet customer demands for PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. products in the current situation.
Furthermore, PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. will always follow the guidelines given by the international and national health authorities.
PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. has implemented mitigations to avoid transmission of COVID-19 virus including, but not limited to:
  • No external visitors are currently allowed in any production areas, unless required by e.g. authorities, if so individual assessment and mitigations will be implemented. For non-production areas individual assessment and approval is needed.
  • PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. has updated the travel policy, no business travel is allowed in risk areas.
  • PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. employees are not travelling abroad or any place in Spain if is no needed.
  • Production is running as planned and employees together with contractors including transporters picking up or delivering products are strictly following relevant mitigation procedures.
  • Increased cleaning frequency of surfaces in offices and production areas has been implemented. It is emphasized to PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. employees that they must remain at home in any case of sickness to minimize risk of spreading any transmissible disease.
  • Some of our departments are already prepared to be able to work from home.
  • The majority of PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. processing takes place in enclosed process equipment. The GMP procedures ensure hygienic handling of the product during the whole manufacturing process.
  • Official guidelines states that the transmission of COVID-19 virus is via droplets from infected humans and contact (hand-face) with surfaces that are contaminated with human secrets containing virus.

Supply situation:

  • The COVID-19 situation is not at the present affecting the supply of packaging and raw materials for PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. production. Production is running as planned.
  • PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. is working on contingency plans to ensure supply of packaging and raw materials, such as additional suppliers or sourcing materials from different PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. sites

PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A. is continuously monitoring and risk assessing the situation of the outbreak worldwide to be able to ensure the product quality and stable production.

Thank you for your trust and support to PROQUIGA BIOTECH S.A., our goal is to protect our employees and their families and thus our business.





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