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Natural enzymes production

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A company in constant growth

Main events in the history of the PROQUIGA GROUP:

1986           Establishment in La Coruña of PROQUIGA, company dedicated to the import, export and distribution of raw materials and equipment for the food industry, especially for dairy products.

1993   Acquisition of CAGLIO STAR, company with its central office in Murcia (Spain) dedicated to the production of natural rennet and coatings.

1998   Opening of the new central offices of PROQUIGA in La Coruña.

2000   The beginning of an ambitious expanding project of the facilities of PROQUIGA in La Coruña:
  • Construction of the fermentation plant to carry out biotechnology projects based on obtaining natural antibiotics and enzymes for the food industry.
  • Establishment of a modern chemical and biotech lab

2007   Partnership with the Italian company MEDITERRANEA BIOTECHNOLOGIE, manufacturer of a wide range of lactic and probiotic starter cultures.

2010   New image of PROQUIGA: Expansion of the facilities in the central office of La Coruña.

2012   Ambitious expanding of the facilities in Murcia to improve productive capacity.

2013   New plant construction in La Coruña to double the production capacity.

2014   New factory in Poland for the lysozyme extraction from the egg.

2016   Sales abroad represents 60% of the total turnover of Proquiga Biotech.



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